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Windows XP Snipping Tool

Windows Vista and Windows 7 both come with a handy snipping tool. However any desktop edition of Windows XP is sadly missing this feature.

However we have found a useful substitute until you upgrade to the latest version of windows.

You can download the tool from this page. There is no installation needed, More >

Windows 7

Anyone with Vista really should upgrade to Windows7

Anyone that is still using Vista that has any stability issues really should now upgrade to Windows 7, Vista even blue screened on its lauch day by Microsoft all those years ago:-

Trusted sites tick

Configure Internet Explorer Trusted Sites via Group Policy

It is useful to be able to pre-define a list of Trusted Sites within Internet Explorer and throughout a network, this can easily be down through Group Policy;


  • On the domain controller open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Right-click the OU or domain you want to apply the policy, click Properties and More >

Fixing Slow VNC in Windows 7

If you are using VNC with Windows 7 and are finding it slow, disabling the Aero effects on Windows 7 whilst you use VNC speeds things up massively, all you need to do is right click on your desktop, click “Personalize” and then select “Windows Classic” at the bottom.

More >
thin client

Saving an RDP Shortcut on a Thin Client

To save a remote desktop link for regular use on your thin client, follow the video below:-

thin client

Change Keyboard Settings Terminal Server, Thin Client

If you are having problems with your keyboard setting when connecting to a Terminal Server from a thin client you need to check the thin client has the correct regional settings, follow the video below to set them to the correct region:-



Adding a Signature in Outlook Web Access 2003

Once logged into your webmail, click on ‘Options’ towards the bottom left of the screen. it should look like a small picture of a blank page -

This will give you the options page.

Click the ‘Edit Signature’ Button – located about halfway down the options page. This will pop up a new window More >


Adding a Signature in Outlook Web Access 2007

Once logged into your Outlook Web Access, click on ‘Options’ in the top-right hand corner of the page.

This will give you the following screen -

Put a check mark in ‘Automatically include my signature on outgoing messages.’

Click Save towards the top of the screen.