10 Reasons to Upgrade (or not) to Windows 7

Windows 7Windows 7 has been out for a while now, but there is still millions with no intentions of upgrading from XP, here are my thoughts:-

Reasons to Stay with XP and Not Upgrade to Windows 7

1) You can’t actually upgrade from XP to Windows 7, so we are talking wiping the whole machine and starting again, that means copying all your settings, files, and re-installing all the software you use, so of which may not work now. There is actually ways of doing it, but in reality its not worth the hassle.

2) Most things have changed, just a bit to make it annoying, all the locations for all the things you know how to do in XP have changed, Control Panel, Settings, Wireless Settings, all the stuff you need to use, has all been moved and changed slightly.

3) XP works! You have been using it for how many years and has it let you down, do you actually need any of the extra features that Win 7 brings?

4) Windows XP is cheap, or cheaper, spend your money on a large hard drive, a new back drive, or some more memory?

5) Its still Windows, although it may look a bit dated XP, Windows 7 is essentially the same thing.

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

1) It supports newer hardware; 64 bit operating systems are a reality with Windows 7, which mainly means you can have more than 3.5gb of RAM in use, something that is not really a viable option with Windows XP, for me this is the key reason i would upgrade, to have a machine with 6,8,10 GB of memory.

2) We all asked for the features, Windows 7 has fixed hundreds of little things that annoyed us or let us down in XP to make things just a little easier (once you know how to use them!)

3) Drivers and Devices, most of them work “out of the box” in with Win7, got a new printer, scanner or old camera, just plug it in, you have a decent chance that it will just work right away, no messing around.

4) Windows 7 has a better interface, no doubt it looks more snazzy and modern, although remember all that fancy scrolling and fading uses up your processor, memory and graphic resources.

5) HDTV and media, if you want to use it to watch HD movies and TV content, or have your PC connected to a TV screen,, upgrading to Windows 7 is a must, in my opinion.

As for me, well I have both, i am writing this on my trusty old XP machine, but have a Windows 7 box next to it which is used sometimes, I haven’t quite got round to spending the time i need to migrate everything over to Windows 7.