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Should I buy an iPad or wait for the iPad2?

On the day that Apple launched the iPad over 300,000 were sold and an estimated 1 million in the first week.  The allure of this Wi-Fi tablet pc, taking […]

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How to stream music from your computer to your Xbox 360

How to stream music from your computer to your Xbox 360

You can use Windows Media Player media sharing to stream music over your network to your Xbox 360 console.  For this to work […]

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What is a G6?

Lots of people seem to need to know what a G6 is at the moment, it has been searched for millions of times over the last few months….well, it […]

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Synchronizing Andriod 2.1 (or higher) with Microsoft Exchange

Synchronizing Andriod 2.1 (or higher) with Microsoft Exchange

Please note that I did these notes using my HTC Desire but the setup steps are very similar with all Andriod phones. 

Also […]

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Free Network PDF Printer

If you want to setup a Free Network PDF printer, that saves all the documents printed (as pdf files) to a network shared location, you can do it for […]

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Windows 7 Phone Setup Email with Exchange

So you get a new Windows 7 phone and whats the first thing you want to do, setup your email of course:-

Goto “Mail Setup” in the menu:-

The “Outlook” option will […]

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Delete Files Older than Batch Command

I needed a batch command to delete some backup files older than 7 days earlier, here is a simple batch command to do it, should work on any version of […]

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Watch The Top 5 Videos of All Time From YouTube

Take a look at the current top 5 YouTube clips below as published by

1. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris – 445,214,756 views

2. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance – 337,070,314 […]

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Free Internet Filtering for Children and Home

I found this and set this up on my sons Laptop this weekend, its simple to use and free, so protect you children (and yourself) from all the possibly […]

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Backup your Data Online for Free

I still see people every week loosing important data, ranging from crucial word documents to personal emails, photos and music, there is now many on-line backup services, that allow you to install a […]

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