Ask an Expert: VMware Download

Matt NJ

Joseph asks…

VMWARE Download?

Does anyone know if VM ware offers VM workstation for free?

Matt NJ answers:

workstation is not free.
But it offers vmware player for free. It has all the features to use already built virtual machines.

Alternatively, you can use Virtual PC for free.

John asks…

James asks…

How can you download VMware without signing up?

I don’t want to give them my address and number!
They want my HOME address, not my email!

Matt NJ answers:

You can get the free player from here –

It can be fooled by changing the address for any of their free versions.

Paul asks…

How, where do you download Windows Operating systems onto VMware’s Player?

I want to put Windows ME operating system on the VMware player. However, I do not have any operating disks. Is there a way to download the operating system for free off of the internet to make it run on the VMware player?

Matt NJ answers:

No sane person will upload/download a Windows ME copy!

Linda asks…

Where can i download windows in VMware ?

i need windows on my mac
i already downloaded VMware in my mac but i dont know how to run windows xp in it

Matt NJ answers:

There is a site for this at microsoft and plenty of sites just off of google. You need to buy a windows XP cd and install it in VMware just like you would on a regular PC.

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Ask an Expert: windows 7 screenshots

Matt NJ

Sandy asks…

How do you take screenshots in windows 7?

I have an hp pavilion laptop if that changes anything..
I wanna take pictures when i video chat with my friends

Matt NJ answers:

Start, All Programs, Accessories, Snipping Tool is new with Windows 7. Try it out.

Ken asks…

How do you take screenshots with Windows 7?

And where are they saved to?

Matt NJ answers:

Press the PrtScn button on your keyboard, then open microsoft paint and click the paste button.

You are then able to save it from there.

Chris asks…

Screenshots with windows 7 aren’t working?

I’ve tried every way to take a screenshot with the keyboard (ctrl+PrtSc and then ctrl+v into paint) and just PrtSc then ctrl+v into paint.
And NOTHING comes up. At all.
I have windows 7, and I don’t know if that matters, but I’ve never had problems taking screenshots before.
Anyone know what’s going on?

The laptop was manufactured by Gateway, it’s an Acer, the model # is: MD7309U, and it’s a 64-bit operating system.

Not sure what you mean by it’s “make”… unless you meant “maker”, like, manufacturer or something.

Matt NJ answers:

Key functionality might be broken in the keyboard or the key might be reassigned in software to some other application, thus it won’t take screen shots.

As a workaround, try using the Snipping tool, it would be in the Start Menu quick launch pane, if not you can find it for sure under start menu > all programs > accessories.

Maria asks…

Windows 7 WoW Screenshots?

Whenever I hit print screen (take screenshot) on WoW (world of warcraft), it just takes a screenshot of what’s going on on my desktop, not WoW. When I had windows xp, it worked fine. But this was the first time I tryed it on windows 7, and it doesn’t work.

Matt NJ answers:

Its possible that WoW hasn’t fully configured its program to be compatible with Windows 7. Give it a few months and most of the bug should be fixed out.

George asks…

how to take screenshots on windows 7??

i have windows 7 n i wana take screen shots and i thought it was F8 or something but i dont know…. help? o.o

Matt NJ answers:

open start menu there is a search tab write down
sniping tool
use it to take screen shots

you can also use prtscn button which is usually placed on top of insert key or same row as F keys(f1,f2,f3) if you want you screen shot from specific window and you don’t want to crop it later when you are on that window hold down ALT key and then press prtscn and you will have screenshot just fromn that window

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Ask an Expert: SBS 2003 2008 Server

Matt NJ

Joseph asks…

Why am I getting a partition not supported message when installing Windows SBS Server 2008?

I installed Windows SBS 2008 on a secondary hard drive (E:) than my main Vista x64 OS (C:) and am getting the following message when I boot into SBS 2008…”The operating system is installed on a drive partition that is not supported. You must install Windows SBS on the C: drive partition”. Any solutions?

Matt NJ answers:

You will need to – install SBS 2008 on the C drive and re-install Vista on the other drive 🙁

Mandy asks…

What is contained in the MSSQL$WSUS log and is it safe to delete it for clearing space on SBS Server 2003?

Path is WSUSMSSQL$WSUSLOG there’s 2 log files there each about 8 GB and they are taking up space. Should I make arrangements to get more space or is it safe to delete these ?

Matt NJ answers:

You should move the database off the C: drive – if that’s where it is.

For truncating the log, refer to

For more information on setting up the server and placement of data files, see

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Ask an Expert: activate windows by phone

Matt NJ

Thomas asks…

Question about activating Windows XP by Phone?

I just purchased a refurbished computer so I have to reactivate windows.

However I am not connected to the internet on this computer so I need to reactivate by phone.
So when I do this, how will my computer know that it has been activated if I don’t have an internet connection?

blog answers:

Microsoft uses encryption keys to encode their software.
If you call they will ask for the numbers that are generated on the activation wizard’s window. They will then type these into their system and generate another key called a Product Key for you to enter and then it will be activated. Most of the time you can do this without talking to a human. Just follow the steps when you call.

Ruth asks…

Can you use a Windows Vista product more than once by phone verification?

I heard you can use a Windows Vista product key more then once if you activate it by phone. Is that true?

blog answers:

yes you can but you can’t have it on two computers. You use phone verification if you upgrade your computer or build a computer and want to use your paid Windows OS on the new computer.

Mandy asks…

I dont get “activate using phone” option in windows activation wizard?

I use windows vista ultimate edition.I tried to activate windows but i am not getting activate using pohone option.can u tell me the run command or the name of the file in system32 folder to get that activate using phone dialog box?please………I cannot activate by using product key

blog answers:

If you are plugged into the Internet, you won’t get the phone option ..

Turn off PC & remove the Ethernet cable – or turn off wireless in the BIOS – and then try again ..

Alternatively, why not visit the MS web site ??

Helen asks…

Is there any limitation to activate windows? or it is free to activate lifetime?

Is there limit to activate windows more than 3 or 4 time, after activating 3 or 4 time by internet do we have to bye a new product key or we can activate windows by same key with phone activation on same computer.

blog answers:

As long as you are reinstalling windows on the same machine, or installing on another machine after wiping the first one, you will be fine, it is for life. If anything goes weird, use the phone option and explain that you are reinstalling.

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Samsung Omnia Updates Suspended Windows Phone 7

samsung omnia review

samsung omnia reviewMicrosoft have confirmed that there has been an issue:-

“We’ve identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process that impacts a small number of Samsung phones. We’re working to correct the problem as quickly as possible. But as a precaution, we’ve briefly suspended updates to Samsung phones.”
Read more:

iPad2 Release Date in the UK

iPad Review

iPad ReviewIt looks like the unveiling of the iPad in the UK will take place on the 2nd of March, as for actual UK availability and prices, well, that is a mystery, get ready to press reset and lets all start talking about the iPad3 release date?
No doubt we will all be hoping that the iPad3 has a load of the features the iPad and the iPad2 have missing!

Windows 7 Phone WiFi Tethering USB

samsung omnia review

samsung omnia reviewThe new Windows 7 phones apparantly don’t support tethering, possibly due to increased pressure from the phone companies, who want to sell Dongles on seperate plans?

Here is a way to enable it on a Samsung Omnia 7:-

1) dial ##634# on your keypad then press Call. You’ll go into the Diagnosis Menu with a number keypad.

2) enter *#7284# and a Micro USB Test dialogue will appear, make sure you have setup Zune with wireless sync first, otherwise Zune stops working.

3) find out the dial-up connection settings with your carrier. and create a “dial-up” modem on your PC, It will usually be something like this:-

Dial number: *99***#
Username: guest
Password: guest

5 minute review of Windows 7 Phones

samsung omnia review

samsung omnia reviewI have been a Windows mobile user for the last 5 years, i haven’t really had a choice due to the systems we use at work, which were written to run on Windows phones, i did try an iPhone and an Android phone last year, but was not impressed. When T-Mobile called me and said i was due an upgrade I ordered a new Samsung Omnia Windows 7 phone right away, and after it arrived I was initially super impressed with the look and feel of the all new windows phone, my love for the new phone was however very short lived, as there seems to be a whole load of essential features that have been removed….i can’t see why they would have done this…

The good things:

Touch interface, Facebook integration,camera, multiple Exchange account support, full Office 2010 features, all the social media features.

The not so great things:

Battery life, if you use it heavily it only just does a day, and that’s with a new battery.

Screen lock, you need a password after each screen lock, even if you last used it 10 seconds ago, it is just plain annoying!

The bad things and features removed from Win 6.5

When replying to an email, there is no option to edit the senders reply, this has always been there and is essential to the email system we use.

Schedule on Activesync removed, it Syncs all the time, even through the night! The option to only have it sync during the working week 8am-6pm for example has been removed.

The dialer doesn’t integrate with the phonebook, dialing the first few digits of a number in Windows Mobile 6.5 prompts you with a list of similar matching numbers, this feature has been removed in Windows 7 phones and yet is something that was used every time i made a call in Windows Mobile 6.5

USB Drive; you cant plug it in and have it appear as a storage device anymore!

WiFi sharing, no more sharing your phone as WiFi hotspot (wireless tethering)


The phone hardware from Samsung is great, it gets an A+, as for Windows 7 Phone Edition, well, i am very confused, they seem to have added a whole load of nice interface features, and then removed all the nice finishing touch features from Windows Mobile 6.5 at the same time, the result is a very disappointed ex 6.5 user. The mobile smart phone competition is at its peak, super competitive with a whole load of truly amazing new devices coming out all the time, such as the iPhone4, Windows 7 Phone, in my opinion, in a nutshell isn’t up to much.
The press seems to be full of stories of Microsoft accepting these issues and there are rumors of a “massive” Windows 7 Phone update released in early 2011 to address many of the issues i have mentioned above. I will wait to see if this actually arrives anytime soon, watch this space!

How to Dry Out a Wet Laptop

repair wet laptop

repair wet laptopI am lucky enough to have a spare laptop, but also stupid enough to leave it in the garage the other day, over the space of the weekend it rained, hard for about 3 days solid and when i looked back in the garage to my horror the garage roof was leaking at the laptop was soaking wet, the lid has been left open so it had no protection, there was water steadily dripping onto the keyboard for several days!

I picked the laptop up and when i tilted it on its side water poured out the end in large quantities, my initial thoughts were to put it straight in the bin, but i then realised i had nothing to loose, i quickly popped out all the things that came out easily, the DVD drive is a removable type, the battery, memory and hard drive also came out with just 2 screws.

I then left the laptop on an inside radiator for 10days, rotating every few days. To my amazement when i put the battery in and pressed the button it worked, no damage done at all!

So, if you give your laptop a dunking maybe, all is not lost!

5 minute review of the iPad

iPad Review

iPad Review
There is no doubt the iPad looks the part, from the minute you open the box and pick it up, you can feel the quality of the design and build of the device, but do you need one, and what is it actually good for? Having lived with one for 3 months here are my views:-

What is it really good at:-

Being ready to use:  if you want to pick something up, check your email, and something simple on the web, such as a saved weather bookmark in 10 seconds, then i don’t think it can be beaten.

The battery life:  It seems to manage a genuine 10+hours of continuous use.
Games and Apps:  If you like touchy, slidy, feely games and apps to “play” with it is probably the best device out there.

The Not so good things:-

The Touch Keyboard:  Whatever anyone tells you using a touchscreen keyboard is slow, if you can type on a normal keyboard at a reasonable speed you will find the touch frustrating unless you are typing any other than a “yes” or “no” reply to an email.

Flexibility and built in features: Out of the box it doesn’t do a great deal, you will find yourself forever saying “oh i need  an app for that” If you want to save a PDF locally, open files over the wireless  on your home network, playback a non-apple format movie, open a spreadsheet you will find yourself going to the AppStore first to mess about for 5 minutes and usually spending some money!

The bad things:-

No flash Player:  Whatever the reasons there is no flash you will find there are many sites with content that you simply cant look at on the iPad.

Connectivity and HardwareThere isn’t any really, if you wanted an on board camera or to plug in a USB device such as a memory stick, or maybe connect your bluetooth GPS receiver then its simple, you cant, you can connect it to your PC, assuming you are happy to install iTunes, that’s about all.


I sold mine, after 3 months i found i was spending more time messing about with the iPad than i was actually being productive, its easy to be sucked in to having one and using one several times a day, but it think it is IT going to far, it doesn’t actually bring much new to the table other than the “gadget factor” I found myself spending 30 mins doing things slowly on the iPad when i could have done it in 15 mins on my laptop which I had to keep handy anyway as i was still using it several times per week to do the things the iPad can’t!

If it was cheaper and had some of the bad points addresses, it would be calling it amazing, but for me in the current spec and at the current price. No thanks.  I will be skipping the iPad2 and will look again when the iPad3 release date is known.

I hope you found this article useful please share it with friends on Twitter or Facebook.