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OWA Send Message Gives Forbidden Message

This happens when the directory permissions are incorrect in IIS, the quickest way to reset them is as follows:-

In the Exchange System Manager Console, expanded: servers/protocols/http . Then right […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad Differences

So which to buy, the 7″ Galaxy Tab running Android, or the 10″ iPad, here is a quick guide to the differences:-

Size, Weight and Display:

iPad 242x189x13.4mm and 680g – […]

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iPad / iTunes Required file cannot be found when syncing

I recently came accross this error when trying to sync photos to my ipad.  After some research I found that the problem is to do with the ipod photo […]

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Backup to a network share with Time Machine

Time machine is a new feature in Leopard that backs up your data but by default it only supports backing up to another physically attached hard drive.  There is however a […]

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Find the Microsoft Outlook Temporary folder

We often get calls from customers saying that they have worked on an attachment in Outlook and saved it but are not able to find it again.  This is […]

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Setup POP3 on iPad

here is a quick guide on setting up POP3 on your iPad:-
From the iPad Home screen, tap Settings.
Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” then tap Add Account.

Tap an account type, then […]

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iPad Harbour Master Angry Birds Alternative Best Game

Whilst everyone is raving about the Angry Birds game on the iPad, the lesser known Harbour Master seems to have been left by the wayside.  This simple, intuitive game […]

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Whats The Difference Between iPad and iPad 2

A quick summary on the differences between the iPad and the iPad2:-

Size and Weight:

the iPad 2 is around 2/3 rds of the thickness of the iPad, and 88 percent […]

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Ask an Expert: Windows Shutdown Command

William asks…

What command Prompt can make a windows computer shutdown at a time of day?
i know how to make it a countdown (shutdown -s -t 60) but how can […]

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Ask an Expert: iPad Questions

William asks…

Is Quicken software (money management) compatible with the iPad?
Can the iPad run any programs that work on a mac?

Matt NJ answers:
No, the iPad can only run apps made […]

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