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Draytek Reseller, Sussex

We are now a DrayTek authorised reseller, this gives us access to discounted prices, product training and specialised access to the support and engineering teams. If you have any […]

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How to take a screenshot on Mac OSX

There are various ways in which to take a screenshot on your Apple MAC;


Take a screenshot of the entire screen

Command-Shift-3: Take a screenshot and then save it as a […]

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Fixing Slow VNC in Windows 7

If you are using VNC with Windows 7 and are finding it slow, disabling the Aero effects on Windows 7 whilst you use VNC speeds things up massively, all […]

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Saving an RDP Shortcut on a Thin Client

To save a remote desktop link for regular use on your thin client, follow the video below:-

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Ask an Expert: Zune Setup, Windows Phone 7

Laura asks…

How do I setup my Zune player?
How do I completely setup my Zune player? How can I get certain files from my laptop to the Zune and certain […]

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Change Keyboard Settings Terminal Server, Thin Client

If you are having problems with your keyboard setting when connecting to a Terminal Server from a thin client you need to check the thin client has the correct […]

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