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How to take a screenshot on Mac OSX


There are various ways in which to take a screenshot on your Apple MAC;


Take a screenshot of the entire screen

Command-Shift-3: Take a screenshot and then save it as a file on your desktop
Command-Control-Shift-3: Take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard


Take a screenshot of a select area

Command-Shift-4, then select an area: this saves it to your desktop
Command-Control-Shift-4, then select an area: this saves it to the clipboard


Take a screenshot of a window
Command-Shift-4, then space, then click a window: this saves it to your desktop
Command-Control-Shift-4, then space, then click a window: this saves it to the clipboard

Fixing Slow VNC in Windows 7

If you are using VNC with Windows 7 and are finding it slow, disabling the Aero effects on Windows 7 whilst you use VNC speeds things up massively, all you need to do is right click on your desktop, click “Personalize” and then select “Windows Classic” at the bottom.

Ask an Expert: Zune Setup, Windows Phone 7

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Laura asks…

How do I setup my Zune player?

How do I completely setup my Zune player? How can I get certain files from my laptop to the Zune and certain files from my Zune to my laptop? I have the users guide, but there is just so much to read, I have read most of it, but I am not totally sure about, well, anything for that matter! Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a lot!!

Matt NJ answers:

1. Download and install the correct version of the software for your computer.
2. Follow the onscreen prompts. At some point you will be prompted to set up your monitored folders. Decide if you want to do it then or later. If you do it then the default setting for Zune monitored folders is My Music, My Videos, My Pictures, and the Zune folder that is located in the My Music folder plus one other location where it loads the sample files.
3. If you decide to set up the monitored folders later this is how you do it. While the program is open click on settings>collection. This is where you see the monitored folders. You will see how to add or remove them once you are there. Decide if you want it to sync automatically or let you choose.
4. Leave your Zune connected until the little battery in the bottom right corner of the device is green. You can add stuff to your Zune while it charges.
5, Zune will scan the monitored folders for music, pictures, and videos.
Here you wil find info on the audio formats Zune supports:
Zune recognizes several video formats but I have found wmv to be the easiest to sync. As for pictures the only format it supports is jpeg.
6. You can also add music from cds. Just put the cd in the tray and open the Zune program. Give it a sec to realize the cd is there then click on disc. If you see the music listed then you can rip it.
7, You will need a converter for videos and DVDs. Most videos you download will be in flv format. Some will be in avi. There may be other formats to. If you use mpeg-4 your Zune will probably convert it. Do a search for Zune converters. Some are free some are low cost. You can’t use videos you bought online from any other source besides Zune Marketplace unless you use a program that strips DRM. On the other hand you can use most music you buy online. Just burn them to a cd and rip them into Zune.
As long as you remember to put files in the monitored folders the Zune program will find them. Then you can sync to your Zune.
Jenny asks…

were could i buy a zune setup cd?

were could i buy a zune setup cd?

Matt NJ answers:

There doesn’t exist a zune cd, it’s all online. Just download the software for free off zune.net
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