Windows XP Snipping Tool


Windows Vista and Windows 7 both come with a handy snipping tool. However any desktop edition of Windows XP is sadly missing this feature.

However we have found a useful substitute until you upgrade to the latest version of windows.

You can download the tool from this page. There is no installation needed, just download and run it.

Xperia Arc vs Galaxy S2


Mobile phones have come a long way since we needed a briefcase-sized battery just to make a 30 second phone call.

Samsung and Sony’s latest phones look pretty similar on paper, but how do they compare in day to day use?

Firstly, the Galaxy S2 has a slightly bigger screen, 4.3 inch compared to the Sony’s 4.2 inch offering. The sony screen is slightly higher resolution, but not so much to make a lot of difference! Both have a very bright, vivid display, perfect for watching videos on the go, or surfing the internet. The Sony screen can actually appear to be larger, but this is due to the tiny amount of surrounding casing.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only area where the Sony competes with Samsungs excellent S2. The S2 has a longer battery life due to using an AMOLED display vs Sony’s LCD, a better, dual core CPU, and a gorilla glass screen which makes it very tough to damage.

Sony’s phone, although nicely designed, has a very plastic, almost cheap feel to it. The glass on the¬†Xperia Arc is very prone to being scratched, so you will need a to use a protective cover with it. Fortunately, Sony does supply a plastic screen cover.

All in all, although both are very nice phones, given the choice, the Samsung is the one to go for.