Ask an Expert: activate windows by phone

Thomas asks…

Question about activating Windows XP by Phone?

I just purchased a refurbished computer so I have to reactivate windows.

However I am not connected to the internet on this computer so I need to reactivate by phone.
So when I do this, how will my computer know that it has been activated if I don’t have an internet connection?

blog answers:

Microsoft uses encryption keys to encode their software.
If you call they will ask for the numbers that are generated on the activation wizard’s window. They will then type these into their system and generate another key called a Product Key for you to enter and then it will be activated. Most of the time you can do this without talking to a human. Just follow the steps when you call.

Ruth asks…

Can you use a Windows Vista product more than once by phone verification?

I heard you can use a Windows Vista product key more then once if you activate it by phone. Is that true?

blog answers:

yes you can but you can’t have it on two computers. You use phone verification if you upgrade your computer or build a computer and want to use your paid Windows OS on the new computer.

Mandy asks…

I dont get “activate using phone” option in windows activation wizard?

I use windows vista ultimate edition.I tried to activate windows but i am not getting activate using pohone option.can u tell me the run command or the name of the file in system32 folder to get that activate using phone dialog box?please………I cannot activate by using product key

blog answers:

If you are plugged into the Internet, you won’t get the phone option ..

Turn off PC & remove the Ethernet cable – or turn off wireless in the BIOS – and then try again ..

Alternatively, why not visit the MS web site ??

Helen asks…

Is there any limitation to activate windows? or it is free to activate lifetime?

Is there limit to activate windows more than 3 or 4 time, after activating 3 or 4 time by internet do we have to bye a new product key or we can activate windows by same key with phone activation on same computer.

blog answers:

As long as you are reinstalling windows on the same machine, or installing on another machine after wiping the first one, you will be fine, it is for life. If anything goes weird, use the phone option and explain that you are reinstalling.

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