Ask an Expert: VMware Download

Joseph asks…

VMWARE Download?

Does anyone know if VM ware offers VM workstation for free?

Matt NJ answers:

workstation is not free.
But it offers vmware player for free. It has all the features to use already built virtual machines.

Alternatively, you can use Virtual PC for free.

John asks…

James asks…

How can you download VMware without signing up?

I don’t want to give them my address and number!
They want my HOME address, not my email!

Matt NJ answers:

You can get the free player from here –

It can be fooled by changing the address for any of their free versions.

Paul asks…

How, where do you download Windows Operating systems onto VMware’s Player?

I want to put Windows ME operating system on the VMware player. However, I do not have any operating disks. Is there a way to download the operating system for free off of the internet to make it run on the VMware player?

Matt NJ answers:

No sane person will upload/download a Windows ME copy!

Linda asks…

Where can i download windows in VMware ?

i need windows on my mac
i already downloaded VMware in my mac but i dont know how to run windows xp in it

Matt NJ answers:

There is a site for this at microsoft and plenty of sites just off of google. You need to buy a windows XP cd and install it in VMware just like you would on a regular PC.

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