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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S3 Quick Comparison

At the first look, there isn’t much difference between the new S4 and the S3….here is a quick summary of the new features:-


Size: pretty much the same, the S4 […]

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Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue

Microsoft have announced the return of the start button and an option to go straight to the desktop in a free Windows 8.1 update due later in 2013.
Microsoft are […]

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Real Life Angry Birds

Any Angry Birds fans out there? Take a look at this:-

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Anyone with Vista really should upgrade to Windows7

Anyone that is still using Vista that has any stability issues really should now upgrade to Windows 7, Vista even blue screened on its lauch day by Microsoft all […]

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Draytek Reseller, Sussex

We are now a DrayTek authorised reseller, this gives us access to discounted prices, product training and specialised access to the support and engineering teams. If you have any […]

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Fixing Slow VNC in Windows 7

If you are using VNC with Windows 7 and are finding it slow, disabling the Aero effects on Windows 7 whilst you use VNC speeds things up massively, all […]

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Saving an RDP Shortcut on a Thin Client

To save a remote desktop link for regular use on your thin client, follow the video below:-

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Ask an Expert: Zune Setup, Windows Phone 7

Laura asks…

How do I setup my Zune player?
How do I completely setup my Zune player? How can I get certain files from my laptop to the Zune and certain […]

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Change Keyboard Settings Terminal Server, Thin Client

If you are having problems with your keyboard setting when connecting to a Terminal Server from a thin client you need to check the thin client has the correct […]

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Ask an Expert: POP3/Imap settings for Gmail and Yahoo

Helen asks…

What is the POP3 server for incoming mail and the smtp server for outgoing mail for gmail?
I have Windows Mail on my computer, and you have to use […]

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