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Saving an RDP Shortcut on a Thin Client

To save a remote desktop link for regular use on your thin client, follow the video below:-

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Ask an Expert: Zune Setup, Windows Phone 7

Laura asks…

How do I setup my Zune player?
How do I completely setup my Zune player? How can I get certain files from my laptop to the Zune and certain […]

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Change Keyboard Settings Terminal Server, Thin Client

If you are having problems with your keyboard setting when connecting to a Terminal Server from a thin client you need to check the thin client has the correct […]

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Asus Tablet, iPad Alternative Released Soon

Asus have announced this week that they joining the craze being set by giants like Apple, HTC and many more, By developing there own tablet for release this year.

Although […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad Differences

So which to buy, the 7″ Galaxy Tab running Android, or the 10″ iPad, here is a quick guide to the differences:-

Size, Weight and Display:

iPad 242x189x13.4mm and 680g – […]

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Hitachi CP-X440 Projector Reset Filter Hours

To reset the filter clean hours on a Hitachi CP-X440 or CP-X445, using the remote simply go to the menu, under options highlight the hour counter for the filter then press […]

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Check your Backup Right Now

I have seen a couple more people loose a load of important data this week, they just didnt have a backup at all, so if you haven’t got something […]

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Samsung Omnia Updates Suspended Windows Phone 7

Microsoft have confirmed that there has been an issue:-

“We’ve identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process that impacts a small number of Samsung phones. We’re working […]

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Windows 7 Phone WiFi Tethering USB

The new Windows 7 phones apparantly don’t support tethering, possibly due to increased pressure from the phone companies, who want to sell Dongles on seperate plans?

Here is a way […]

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5 minute review of Windows 7 Phones

I have been a Windows mobile user for the last 5 years, i haven’t really had a choice due to the systems we use at work, which were written […]

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