Fake Virus in Browser

Most people have seen a fake virus infection Web page, but some may not be aware of it. They pop up on your screen and look like a perfectly normal Windows page except they tell you that your PC is infected by a virus and you need to download a program that will clean out the bug for you. The only problem is it’s a complete lie. It’s actually an attack designed to get you to download and possibly pay for some malware.

Usually these fake Windows pages are actually Web pages designed to look like a Windows system page.

Fake Virus

Now, not everyone would fall for this, but I can see how many people would. At a glance, it looks real, but if you look closely, you are just looking at a normal webpage.

The problems get worse when it offers you a gennuine windows pop-up box with some option, at which point you cant be sure the choices it is giving you are correct! the “No” or “Cancel” buttons may be changed for the “yes” buttons. Any click might start a malware download. Once you have one of these pages up, my advice would be to do nothing and hold in the power button on your PC to to a hard reboot, you will loose anything you have open and haven’t saved so be aware of that, but its better than infecting your PC!