How to Dry Out a Wet Laptop

repair wet laptopI am lucky enough to have a spare laptop, but also stupid enough to leave it in the garage the other day, over the space of the weekend it rained, hard for about 3 days solid and when i looked back in the garage to my horror the garage roof was leaking at the laptop was soaking wet, the lid has been left open so it had no protection, there was water steadily dripping onto the keyboard for several days!

I picked the laptop up and when i tilted it on its side water poured out the end in large quantities, my initial thoughts were to put it straight in the bin, but i then realised i had nothing to loose, i quickly popped out all the things that came out easily, the DVD drive is a removable type, the battery, memory and hard drive also came out with just 2 screws.

I then left the laptop on an inside radiator for 10days, rotating every few days. To my amazement when i put the battery in and pressed the button it worked, no damage done at all!

So, if you give your laptop a dunking maybe, all is not lost!