Ask an Expert: iPad Questions

William asks…

Is Quicken software (money management) compatible with the iPad?

Can the iPad run any programs that work on a mac?

Matt NJ answers:

No, the iPad can only run apps made for iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch). So unless a Mac app was re-done as an iPad app, it won’t work.

Quicken is not available for iPad, but here’s a list of some other finance apps that do work:

Lisa asks…

How do I transfer or copy or convert files to my iPad?

I just bought iPad, but I found iTunes is very difficult to manage files for my iPad, I am not sure if there is any more file management software around for iPad or my iPhone…

Matt NJ answers:

Try iPad manager from , iPad manager saved me a load of time when doing file exporting and importing, it even able to convert files into ipad format before importing to iPad…


Helen asks…

Is an iPad worth buying?

Hi 🙂
I am a college student and am thinking about buying an iPad recently. However, I am not sure if it is a good idea. I already have a laptop (that works..technically) and can definitely survive without an iPad. But I like it a lot and think that it may be easier to carry around (I move around quite a bit) and store/retrieve information from. (Plus, it will help save the environment if I use it instead of paper 😛 (joking)).
Another issue is that I am guessing that the apps will probably cost more than the device itself if I want it to efficiently replace my laptop (with the need to write essays, time management, etc.).
I would truly appreciate your feedback (especially if you had bought the device,etc) and thank you for your time. 🙂

Matt NJ answers:

Its a giant ipod touch.

It cant really be used like a regular laptop, they are different things, ready my 5 minute review here:-

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