So which to buy, the 7″ Galaxy Tab running Android, or the 10″ iPad, here is a quick guide to the differences:-samsung galaxy tab

Size, Weight and Display:

iPad 242x189x13.4mm and 680g – Screen 10″ and 768*1024

Galaxy Tab 190x120x11.9mm x 380g – Screen 7″ and 600*1024


If you are traveliing, then the smaller and lighter (half the weight!) Smasung Galaxy Tab has to be the winner, if you need a larger screen, go for the iPad.


Most people go for the standard WiFi only iPad, the 3g ones are just too expensive, here is a list of the extra connectivity things the Samsung does that the iPad doesn’t, makes phone calls, sends SMS and MMS, has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and HSDPA (7.2mbps internet via a SIM card) oh and finally a GPS receiver.


No competiton here, the Samsung Galaxy has everything missing from the iPad (plus a camera)


The iPad has no expansion slots so you have to choose 16,32 or 64gb when you purchase one, the Galaxy tab allows you to add a Micro SD Card, so you can add cards of upto 32gb as you need, making the standard model have 48gb of space with a card.


Again the iPad loosing out offering no options or flexibility.

Battery Life

iPad 10hours, Samsung 7hours.


the iPad wins here, but that isnt surprising as it is twice the weight, a much beefier battery lurks under the cover.


Simple, the iPad doesnt have one, the Galaxy has 2 (front and rear for vidoe calling), and a flash.

Performance and Useability

In terms of processor the 2 machines are very similar with 1ghz processors, the Samsung has double the RAM at 512mb vs 256mb on the iPad.

Operating systems are similar in design and features, the App store for apple is way ahead with 250,000 apps although nothing like this number are for the iPad, most are for the iPhone. The android market place is currently running at around 70,000 apps and also crucially supports Flash Player 10.1, again lacking in the iPad.


Difficult one here, think this one is a draw.

Overall Thoughts:

I have now owned both, and for me the Galaxy Tab is a clear winner, it does everything and more the iPad did, after owning an iPad for 3 months, i made a list of the things i needed in a new tablet, a built in sim card for data roaming, sms features, gps postioning, flash player support, memory card support, a bit smaller (i found the iPad a bit big to carry around on the train) and finally a camera. The Samsung Galaxy Tab does all that.

I ruled out the Galaxy tab as I could not find one for less that £450, having found one for £330, for me there really is only 1 machine to have!