Don’t let an unreliable internet connection make you an unreliable business.

For businesses today, a quick and dependable internet connection is absolutely critical.

We provide our customers with a great choice of connectivity services along with impartial advice to make sure you get what you need.  Most of our customers now choose to use a dual wan or dual internet solution, giving network link redundancy should one of the connections fail, even for a short time.

We will handle the installation and maintenance of your connection.  Red Data packages include onsite trouble shooting as needed; we will perform diagnostics from our end and then come out to you, test the line, bringing a replacement router in case, all to get you back up and running quickly and at no extra charge.  It’s refreshing not to have to call a large call centre and be asked to just reboot your router and wait a few minutes.  If you need a quick broadband install, we can usually help too.  Our Business ADSL starts from £25 a month and can be running in 5 working days.