You can’t afford to lose all of your business data.

We provide a secure, encrypted, “online” remote backup service.  No-one can see your data, not even us!

How offsite backup works

A simple piece of software is installed onto your server(s) which enables us to copy the data on your server, in a fully encrypted way, onto our dedicated servers in the cloud.

In the event of accidental file deletion or corruption, fire, flood or another damaging event, a backup of your data will be available from the cloud.  Your data can be recovered as needed; either back to your servers over the internet (in the event of single file recovery) or in more severe circumstances, copied locally to a new hard drive and returned to you.

You can choose which files are backed up and selected files will then be synchronized every day, all year round. An optional synchronization report is available by email (if required) each time a backup completes. Prices start from just £25 a month including setup.  The result is that you don’t need to worry about your data in any way.