The Backup and Restore feature in Windows 7 is the best built in Windows backup solution yet.  In this article I will explain how you can easily set it up.

To set up a backup in Windows 7 open up Computer right-click on your local drive and select Properties.  Then click on the Tools tab and click the Back up now button.

Backup Now

In the Back up or restore your files window click the link to set up a backup.

Set up backup

Windows will search for a suitable drive to store the backup or you can also choose a location on your network.  If you backup to a network location you might need the password to access the share folder.

You can have Windows choose what to backup or you can choose the files and directories required.

Let Windows choose

On the next step you get the option to review your settings and setup a schedule.

Review you settings

Once done you can save and run the backup.

Save your backup