Ask an Expert: Windows Shutdown Command

William asks…

What command Prompt can make a windows computer shutdown at a time of day?

i know how to make it a countdown (shutdown -s -t 60) but how can i make it so i can input a time of day it shutdowns

Matt NJ answers:

check the below link

Sharon asks…

How to shutdown another computer on the same network using command prompt on windows vista?

When i went into command prompt and did the shutdown -i as soon as i hit browse a window popped up saying “The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable.”

Matt NJ answers:

Use the remote shutdown tool.


Or type Shutdown with no switches to get help, or see this post:-

Steven asks…

is the command (shutdown -a) is the same for windows XP and vista?

Matt NJ answers:

Yes it is.

Robert asks…

Access denied on Windows 7 command prompt remote shutdown?

Ok so i have two laptops. And i just got them for my birthday and im trying ti figure out all the cool little things i can do with them and im pretty intrigued by the command prompt and what it can do. One of the things im trying to figure out is the remote shutdown. So with one laptop i went to the command prompt and put in… shutdown /r /m computername.
And instead of computername i put both the acutall written computers name and i tried the ip address. When i had finished and pressed enter it said access is denied .
I dont know what this means and how do i get past it?
nooonoo its not for malicious or bad intent. Its just to connect both my laptops to their full potential whether thats from remote shutdowns when its upstairs and im downstairs with the other or file sharing. I did what you said and had it run under administrator but it still said access denied. is there anything i have to do with the other computer or this one?

Matt NJ answers:

Most computer firewalls will block a remote shutdown because it can indeed be malicious! If you don’t have the firewalls set to accept such commands they simply will respond with “access denied” messages. Basically the other machine is telling you it will not do what you ask.

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