Install Windows Backup on Windows XP Home Edition

ntbackup Install Windows Backup on Windows XP Home Edition 

Computer hardware can fail so it is very important that you have a backup in place.  All versions of Windows XP include Windows Backup except for Windows XP Home Edition.  In this article I will explain how you can install Windows Backup on Windows XP Home Edition.

Manual install of Windows Backup

Insert your Windows XP CD into your CD drive. It should autoplay but if it doesn’t then, open My Computer, right-click your CD drive, and then click AutoPlay.


The Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP window will be displayed, click Perform additional tasks and then Browse this CD.

Go into the VALUEADD folder, then into MSFT, and into the NTBACKUP folder.  

Double-click NTBACKUP to start the install. 

open ntbackup

After setup is complete, click Finish


You can now start Windows Backup by clicking Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then Backup.