Here is a simple way to making a secure but memorable password for every program and website you use:

Use three random letters, one memorable word and then three random numbers – It is important to note that to ensure your password stays memorable you only change the word part of your new password (which should also be a word relevant to the site or program you are using), here are a few examples;

jxtsell612 – for something like eBay or Gumtree.

jxtpics612 – for Dropbox

jxtfile612 – for Google Drive or Onedrive
This method ensures your password is strong and easily memorable as you only need to remember the word you associated with that site or program. If you would like to make your password even more secure you could change on of the letters to a capital letter and/or add a special character, so as an example i might use;

jxtPics612! – For dropbox (Change marked in red)

Now this password contains, lower case letters, upper case letters, special characters and numbers – Using all of these will ensure your password is highly secure and will meet the criteria of most sites and programs.

If you are going to use an upper case letter and a special character in your password it is important to keep the password consistent to keep it easily memorable so now the passwords would look like this;