Cant Re-Image a PC in Windows 7 already restored from an Image

Windows 7 Image

This issue occurs after you perform a RESTORE of a System Image Backup. I just know that every time you perform a Restore of a System Image, some data will be written inside the System Reserved volume . This data, will not be deleted after the restore.

The Solution:

You have to “clean” the system reserved data …in the USN Journal.¬†Follow the steps bellow to clean this reserved area, you can then perform another image backup.

1- Start>Run>diskmgmt.msc

2- Right click on the System Reserved volume ( or partition ) and give it a letter.

3- Start>Run>cmd

4- Fsutil usn queryjournal Z:

5- fsutil usn deletejournal /N /D Z:

6- Create the System Image Backup again

7- Repeat the steps 1 and 2 and REMOVE the letter from the System Reserved.

This will give you 30~40Mb of space inside the System Reserved partition, you can now use the System Image Backup.