Configure Internet Explorer Trusted Sites via Group Policy

Trusted sites tick

It is useful to be able to pre-define a list of Trusted Sites within Internet Explorer and throughout a network, this can easily be down through Group Policy;


  • On the domain controller open Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Right-click the OU or domain you want to apply the policy, click Properties and then the Group Policy tab.
  • Create a Group Policy and Edit it.
  • In Group Policy expand User Configuration -> Windows Settings ->Internet Explorer Maintenance -> Security -> Security Zones and Content Ratings
  • Under Security Zones, choose Import the current security zones settings.
  • Click Modify Settings, add trusted sites and then select OK.
  • Once done click OK and the policy should then be active.

Fixing Slow VNC in Windows 7

If you are using VNC with Windows 7 and are finding it slow, disabling the Aero effects on Windows 7 whilst you use VNC speeds things up massively, all you need to do is right click on your desktop, click “Personalize” and then select “Windows Classic” at the bottom.

Adding a Signature in Outlook Web Access 2003

Once logged into your webmail, click on ‘Options’ towards the bottom left of the screen. it should look like a small picture of a blank page –

This will give you the options page.

Click the ‘Edit Signature’ Button – located about halfway down the options page. This will pop up a new window –

Type the Signature you wish to be included in outgoing emails, and click ‘Save and Close’. This will close the popup window and drop you to the options screen. Click ‘Save and Close’ on this screen.

Adding a Signature in Outlook Web Access 2007

Once logged into your Outlook Web Access, click on ‘Options’ in the top-right hand corner of the page.

This will give you the following screen –

Put a check mark in ‘Automatically include my signature on outgoing messages.’

Click Save towards the top of the screen.

How to disable write caching to disk in Windows XP

Windows 7 Image

To Disable write caching to disk , follow these simple instructions

1) go to start menu, right click my computer and select properties
Start-right click my comp.

2) you will get a dialog box, select the hardware tab then the device manager button.
system properties

3) expand the “Disk Drive” Category, and select properties.
Disk Drive Properties

4)Select the policies tab
Policies Tab

5)untick “enable write caching on the disk” then reboot your machine.

Using RDP in Windows XP

remote desktop

The RDP client is built into Windows XP and is simple to use:-

Click Start => All Programs => Accessories => Communications => Remote Desktop Connection

Then simply enter the server address you have been given.


***ADVANCED USER TIP – Tou can also start the RDP client directly by typing mstsc.exe into the “run” box.


remote desktop

OWA Send Message Gives Forbidden Message

Resetting Internet Explorer 8

This happens when the directory permissions are incorrect in IIS, the quickest way to reset them is as follows:-owa forbidden sending

In the Exchange System Manager Console, expanded: servers/protocols/http . Then right click the “exchange” virtual directory and choose properties. Click the access tab at the top and then uncheck directory browsing.
Click apply and OK. Then go back and re-check the directory browsing box. Apply and OK and it should work.