Ask an Expert: Windows 7 Sims and Themes

Richard asks…

does the sims 3 original work on windows 7?

So I bought the original sims 3 and it won’t install into my laptop. I have a windows 7 and It won’t install ): So I’m trying EVERYTHING lol I bought this one –>

lol like omggg , I want to play this so badly rofl but I don’t think I have anything else to do. The box says that for PC’s it can be used in : windows xp SP2 or Windows SP1. Nothing about Windows 7 ): So, I feel like I freaking wasted $50 for NOTHING lol and I can’t return it because I have already opened it. Damn it :

Please help and don’t be rude about it because honestly if you’re here to critize , kiss my mo’ friggin’ ass -__-
Please help me :
Pleaaseee give me some advice on how to make it work lol

Matt NJ answers:

I have Windows 7 and it works perfectly fine.

I have
-The Sims 3
-The Sims 3 Ambitions

Both work really well.

Maria asks…

What’s wrong with my windows 7 theme thingey?!?

I am so annoyed right now.
Earlier When I went to the task manager I accidentally clicked something wierd and now my whole windows 7 setup is like retarded.
I can’t exactly explain what’s wrong but here are some screenshots:

Basically I don’t know how to change it back to how its supposed to be. Where i am able to change the colors and when I click a running program at the bottom its actually gives you a preview of the windows that are up

Matt NJ answers:

I think you kill the the desktop Windows manager process and it switch to an non aero theme. Try click on the anyone of the aero theme below in the first pic and then configure it to your preference. If it still doesn’t work then restart Windows and it should come up with the aero look

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