Ask an Expert: Windows Mobile 7 Questions

Steven asks…

how to put windows mobile on any phone?

I want to have windows mobile on my intensity phone is this possible? if not can i put the real verison of windows 7 on my phone and if i did this i couldnt call people…..i can download windows mobile but all i need to know is how to install it on my phone thanks.

Matt NJ answers:

unfortunately you cant install another OS on a phone. your best bet is to just buy a Win Mo phone. the full version of windows wont fit nor is it compatible on a phone.

although there are numerous version of windows mobile floating around ROMs some custom some stock. you still need a phone that actually runs windows mobile. and although i’m sure you could attempt to update your rom for a win mo rom i’m sure it’ll be a disaster! windows mobile phones are small computers that can ALSO make a phone call… other phones are just.. complicated phones.

Jenny asks…

Can You Upgrade Windows Mobile 6.5 To Windows Mobile 7.0 ?

I am just wondering because WM 6.5, aesthetically, was an improvement on the former look, but now with the demand surrounding WM due to the success of Android, WM has obviously stepped it up with the WM 7.0.

I am just wondering (and think this should be available, really) if you could download the WM 7.0 software when it is released, so that my phone actually changes the software via a download, and so it will feel like a new phone.

Matt NJ answers:

If WM 7.0 is supported on your phone, then you can surely do that. But if WM 7.0 is upgraded and enhanced by Microsoft to a greater extent then it will obviously require a better hardware to run. May be you can check the compatibility online before you download and then think of upgrading. In most cases the firmware on the phone corrupts in such cases when there is compatibility issue.

Mandy asks…

What is better: Iphone 4G vs. T-Mobile HTC G2 vs. T-Mobile MyTouch 4G or Windows HD7 phone?

I’m with T-Mobile now and I have the Blackberry Bold 9700. I was thinking of just buying a new phone, but I want to get the best phone out there which I can use on a GSM network.

I’m really intrigued by the Iphone 4G because I’ve heard so much good stuff about it and it looks so technologically advanced. All of my friends basically rave and rave about Android 2.2 and all that stuff. So, I do know how great the G2 and the MyTouch 4G are. I also understand that I wouldn’t be able to run my IPhone 4G at the same HSPA+ (4G) network that the G2 and MyTouch 4G run on. This is also something to consider since HSPA+ (G2 and MyTouch 4G) get insane download speeds on their Android.

When I stopped by T-Mobile, the HD7 blew me away because it’s just gorgeous…but since it just came out I really have no idea about this Windows Mobile 7 and how it’s gonna pan out.

If money wasn’t an issue, and you needed the best GSM phone right now on T-Mobile‘s network (locked, unlocked)…which would you buy:

IPhone 4G, the G2, the MyTouch4G, Windows HD7, or even the Blackberry Torch 9800?

Thanks for any input and helping me decide which phone to buy!

Matt NJ answers:

The HTC HD7 phone has to be the best option off your list.

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