Whats The Difference Between iPad and iPad 2

A quick summary on the differences between the iPad and the iPad2:-

Size and Weight:

the iPad 2 is around 2/3 rds of the thickness of the iPad, and 88 percent of its weight  You’ll notice the difference right away. This is a thinner, lighter device.


Although not officially confirmed, the iPad 2 will be the same price as the iPad.


Double the RAM (256mb increased to 512MB) a dual core processor which makes it significanly faster to run apps and the graphics performance is according to Apple “is as much as nine times faster than on the original iPad” From the moment you pick it up, it is faster and more snappy to load and do the things you ask of it.

New Camera:

The iPad 2 gets a couple of cameras, front and back, ready for video conferencing.


The new smaller, rounded case means unfortunately that your iPad case and stands probably won’t fit the new model.


The Screen remains the same on the new model.


The 10hour battery life remains in tact!