Windows 7 Phone Setup Email with Exchange

So you get a new Windows 7 phone and whats the first thing you want to do, setup your email of course:-

Goto “Mail Setup” in the menu:-

windows 7 phone mail setup

The “Outlook” option will only work if you have the very latest version of Exchange server, so you need to choose “advanced setup” which allows you to enter the settings manually:-

Windows 7 Phone Add Account

Enter your email address and password:-

Windows 7 Phone Email Address

You then need to select the type of account, select, “Exchange ActiveSync”

Windows 7 ActiveSync

You then need to add an account name, anything will will do for the account name “work email” perhaps.

Windows 7 Phone Activesync Settings

Enter your server address and domain name, then finally select the options you want on the last screen:-

Windows 7 Phone Active Sync Options