Joseph asks…

Why am I getting a partition not supported message when installing Windows SBS Server 2008?

I installed Windows SBS 2008 on a secondary hard drive (E:) than my main Vista x64 OS (C:) and am getting the following message when I boot into SBS 2008…”The operating system is installed on a drive partition that is not supported. You must install Windows SBS on the C: drive partition”. Any solutions?

Matt NJ answers:

You will need to – install SBS 2008 on the C drive and re-install Vista on the other drive 🙁

Mandy asks…

What is contained in the MSSQL$WSUS log and is it safe to delete it for clearing space on SBS Server 2003?

Path is WSUSMSSQL$WSUSLOG there’s 2 log files there each about 8 GB and they are taking up space. Should I make arrangements to get more space or is it safe to delete these ?

Matt NJ answers:

You should move the database off the C: drive – if that’s where it is.

For truncating the log, refer to

For more information on setting up the server and placement of data files, see

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