Sandy asks…

How do you take screenshots in windows 7?

I have an hp pavilion laptop if that changes anything..
I wanna take pictures when i video chat with my friends

Matt NJ answers:

Start, All Programs, Accessories, Snipping Tool is new with Windows 7. Try it out.

Ken asks…

How do you take screenshots with Windows 7?

And where are they saved to?

Matt NJ answers:

Press the PrtScn button on your keyboard, then open microsoft paint and click the paste button.

You are then able to save it from there.

Chris asks…

Screenshots with windows 7 aren’t working?

I’ve tried every way to take a screenshot with the keyboard (ctrl+PrtSc and then ctrl+v into paint) and just PrtSc then ctrl+v into paint.
And NOTHING comes up. At all.
I have windows 7, and I don’t know if that matters, but I’ve never had problems taking screenshots before.
Anyone know what’s going on?

The laptop was manufactured by Gateway, it’s an Acer, the model # is: MD7309U, and it’s a 64-bit operating system.

Not sure what you mean by it’s “make”… unless you meant “maker”, like, manufacturer or something.

Matt NJ answers:

Key functionality might be broken in the keyboard or the key might be reassigned in software to some other application, thus it won’t take screen shots.

As a workaround, try using the Snipping tool, it would be in the Start Menu quick launch pane, if not you can find it for sure under start menu > all programs > accessories.

Maria asks…

Windows 7 WoW Screenshots?

Whenever I hit print screen (take screenshot) on WoW (world of warcraft), it just takes a screenshot of what’s going on on my desktop, not WoW. When I had windows xp, it worked fine. But this was the first time I tryed it on windows 7, and it doesn’t work.

Matt NJ answers:

Its possible that WoW hasn’t fully configured its program to be compatible with Windows 7. Give it a few months and most of the bug should be fixed out.

George asks…

how to take screenshots on windows 7??

i have windows 7 n i wana take screen shots and i thought it was F8 or something but i dont know…. help? o.o

Matt NJ answers:

open start menu there is a search tab write down
sniping tool
use it to take screen shots

you can also use prtscn button which is usually placed on top of insert key or same row as F keys(f1,f2,f3) if you want you screen shot from specific window and you don’t want to crop it later when you are on that window hold down ALT key and then press prtscn and you will have screenshot just fromn that window

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